Our Story

iCOS Group of companies has been trading for 28 years. The company was founded by Chris Grace and Kathy Ross in 1989. Chris sadly passed away in 2003 and Kathy continued with the company.

In 2009 Kathy had a lightbulb moment – let’s re-develop iCOS which was an Integrated Cargo operating system into an Internet Cargo operating solution for transport and logistics – so it was LIVE, a new chapter began.

What is iCOS Live

iCOS LIVE is an online transport and logistics management software with features such as real-time track and trace, Customer online Job booking, through dispatch to proof of delivery.

What Kathy (CEO/ FOUNDER OF ICOS LIVE) found working with the small to medium businesses in New Zealand and Australia…

Many were husband and wife teams, some three or four generations of families that had started out with one truck and perhaps had got to 5, 10, 50 trucks but still weren’t in a position to implement a freight management software package. Those that did invest in server-based systems found the software was more a hindrance than a help. This was because they didn’t have the resources to put into the software or the software they purchased was too complicated either to install or to use.

Something else Kathy noted with these small to mid-sized businesses, was that they had several things in common…

  1. They were buried under paper
  2. They were under resourced
  3. They were time poor and often cash flow poor
  4. They all had lost revenue and they didn’t even know it
  5. They had no control of their business due to no transparency
  6. They were busy working in the business instead of on the business

Kathy had a vision that would help these businesses and the employees within.

She wanted to transform the domestic transport sector by taking it from a paper based world to a paperless world.
So that’s what we did!
We created iCOS LIVE (Internet Cargo Operating System) – Online Transport and Logistics Management Made Easy!